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Contact & ordering


Address: Koronafürt utca 46/A, 1165 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36202996199
VAT number: HU 65972470
(Workshop visits only by appointment.)

Ordering and payment

Orders can be placed in e-mail, or personally in my workshop.
After discussing all the details of your new guitar, I will send you the order confirmation document. I will ask you to confirm your order with 500 or 1000 EUR deposit, that can be made by bank transfer. This will place you on my waiting list.
When your guitar is finished and ready for shipping, I will send you close photos of your new guitar in e-mail. If you are satisfied, I will send you the invoice for the balance. So the rest of the guitar's price plus shipping costs will be paid at this point, before shipping.
Sometimes I also send you photos during the construction of the guitar.

Waiting time

I build only about 8 guitars a year, so usually I have a longer waiting list. Please ask me in e-mail about actual waiting time.


Prices are between 4.000 - 6.000 EUR depending on design and woods. Please inquire for details in e-mail. Within EU there are no additional taxes or fees. Outside EU please look after your country's local rules and taxes. An elegant hard case is included.

Special requests

If you have any special ideas or questions please feel free to contact me. Left hand guitars can be ordered as well.

CITES documents

CITES restrictions on Rosewoods (Dalbergia family) were accepted by 2nd of January 2017. If you order a guitar containing Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) or Madagaskar Rosewood (Dalbergia baronii), you should know the following: Within EU a certification of origin given by me will be enough, but for customers outside the European Union a CITES export permission will be needed for the guitar. This means additional paperwork and extra charge by the offices. CITES free woods are also available to avoid paperwork (e.g. Santos Rosewood).

Shipping information

Worldwide shipping by
One day express delivery door-to-door with Generali full value insurance.
Extra safe packaging with temperature and humidity insulation.
Complete shipping cost with insurance within Europe will be somewhere between 100-200 Euro depending on distance.