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About my workshop

My guitar maker workshop is located in Central Europe, in the city of Budapest, capital of Hungary. I live on the quiet outskirts of the city, few roads away from plough-lands, small forests, lakes and riding-schools. Here I can go away from the noise of this big city and concentrate on my work all day long. My workshop is quite small and there are no big woodworking machines, but it is well-equipped with lots of special hand-tools for fine woodworking and musical instrument making. I buy the extra fine tonewood from professional suppliers from Spain and Germany.

My life today

I have a wonderful wife and five children. I'm a born-again Christian, I love God's Word and I live a Bible studying and praying life. I believe that the gift of guitar making and other talents are given to me by God. I have not much time for other things and I don't really have a special hobby, but I like for example listening to Baroque music, and I also play the electric guitar. I'm also interested in informatics. I use Linux for desktop operating system and open source software for all of my computer work. I develop my website myself.

What does my name mean?

Fogas is the name of a fish native in the clear lakes and rivers of Central and Eastern Europe. The most famous variety of Fogas lives in Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Hungary, and is one of our national treasures highly esteemed as a delicious food all over Europe.

Studies and practice

I was born in 1984 in Budapest. I studied many things like English, German and Spanish languages (and a little Italian), informatics, electronics, economics, music history, etc., and finally musical instrument making at workshops of various master instrument makers. I started working in musical instrument making in 2005. I made my first guitars during 2006-2007. I completed studies at the Musical Instrument Making School of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2009, so I have an official qualification as a Bowed- and Plucked Musical Instrument Maker and Repairer. Through the years I repaired and restored about 400 guitars from electrics to acoustics in my workshop, but later I discontinued these jobs to become a full time classical guitar builder. I'm in contact with numerous talented guitarists and luthiers and have access to many great master guitars from all around the world. Sometimes we make guitar tests comparing instruments by different famous luthiers. Today I'm considered to be the most successful and leading classical guitar luthier in Hungary.