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Recordings featuring Viktor Fogas guitars. Watch the videos below, or visit my YouTube channel for more.


Guitar demo with András Csáki, professor of Franz Liszt Academy of Music, 2017 lattice Moderno Grande:



Gábor Hart (Eurostrings young star 2018/2019) plays his beloved 2015 lattice model Formentor guitar:



Péter Girán (Eurostrings young star 2017/2018) in concert with his 2017 guitar made for his special request, Szeged International Guitar Festival:



Gábor Hart at 2017 Szeged International Guitar Festival:
(The action is quite low here so there are a few buzzes.)


2017 Guitar tests:
Spruce and Cedar guitar comparison & other various pieces, models Moderno and Formentor




2016 Joyful performances by Zoltán Draskóczy and Kornél Fülöp: