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Video recordings featuring Viktor Fogas lattice bracing guitars. Watch the videos below, or visit my YouTube channel for more.

2017 October - Gábor Hart plays on his model Formentor guitar made in 2015:



2017 April - Péter Girán practices on his new cedar top Fogas guitar (model Moderno). Since then this is his main instrument on stage and on competitions:


2017 April - Péter Girán in concert with his new guitar made for his special request (model Moderno), International Guitar Festival Szeged, Hungary:

(Cameraman: József Kovács)


2017 April - International Guitar Festival Szeged, Hungary:
(The action is quite low for faster playing, so there are a few buzzes.)


2017 January - Guitar tests:
Spruce and Cedar guitar comparison & other various pieces, models Moderno and Formentor




2016 August - Joyful performances by Zoltán Draskóczy and Kornél Fülöp: