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concert classical guitars
concert classical guitars

Welcome to the website of my handmade lattice bracing and double-top concert guitars!

Hi, I'm Viktor Fogas, a Hungarian luthier and classical guitar maker. I build modern double-top and lattice braced classical concert guitars with big volume, excellent playability, great responsiveness, and with a wide range of exceptionally beautiful tonecolours. My guitars are used by many professional guitarists worldwide.

I build my instruments with a lot of love and passion. I work alone and I create about 8 guitars a year as a full time luthier. The construction of one of my guitars takes more than 200 working hours, plus the drying times of glues and finish. The tremendous work invested into each instrument ensures the outstanding quality and value of my guitars.

My most recent project has been the development of two completely different types of double-top soundboards. The first one is a very special combination of a Nomex based double-top board with my renowned asymmetric lattice bracing. This is the new favourite of guitarists who actively participate in guitar competitions and many concerts, where quicker response and uncompromising precision is needed. The other type is a Nomex based double-top board again, but combined with a variation of a Spanish/Torres style bracing. This construction sounds like one of the finest traditional Spanish guitars plugged into an amp.


András Csáki plays a 2017 lattice guitar:


Check the detailed photo galleries, videos and other info about my guitars! For prices and actual waiting time please inquire in e-mail.
(Updated in March 2020 the waiting list is about 1 year.)
Thanks for visiting my website!