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concert classical guitars
concert classical guitars

Welcome to the world of my handmade classical master guitars!

I'm Viktor Fogas, a Hungarian luthier and classical guitar maker, always working with some kind of Mediterranean passion and love for building world-class concert guitars with excellent sound projection and a unique richness and beauty of sound. My all wooden lattice bracing concert classical guitars are designed to work successfully on today's professional concerts and guitar competitions as well as in the studio.


Tradition & innovation in one instrument

guitar maker photo My approach to classical guitar making is originally based on the traditional Spanish/European construction method, but completed with my own ideas and other inventions to match the special needs of contemporary guitarists. I'm building guitars for about 10 years. My most successful guitar model is "modelo Formentor" built with a self designed all wooden harmonic lattice bracing introduced in 2014. This bracing contains no carbon fibre, balsa wood and epoxy glue because it is made entirely from pure old European spruce. This system raises volume dramatically, and, at the same time, produces an extremely beautiful traditional classical guitar sound and opens up new depths of different heart touching tones and colours. Usually I choose finest quality Red Cedar for soundboards, but also use some special types of Spruce with amazing results.


"Guitarras de artesanía"

guitar maker photo I work alone and build my instruments completely by hand, one or two at a time, with non-industrial techniques and materials, using mostly the traditional guitarmaker's and violinmaker's tools. This allows me to find the limits of the actual woods and structures, resulting in very responsive guitars resonating in wide high-end range of frequencies and overtones.

I build my guitars on a traditional guitar building board called solera, similar to those used by the old Spanish masters. I bend the sides by hand. For classical guitar finish I use 100% pure shellac/French polish.

My building period for one master guitar is 2-3 months, including nearly 300 working hours plus the drying times of glues and finishes. Therefore my guitars are made in a very limited number (only 6-8 pieces a year).
Please ask for available guitars and waiting periods in e-mail.
(Actual waiting time for a new order is about 10-12 months - Updated January 2017)

Watch out for the detailed photo galleries about my guitars and workshop!
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