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concert classical guitars

Welcome to the world of my handmade double-top concert classical guitars!


Hi, my name is Viktor. I'm a classical guitar luthier from a lovely Central European country, Hungary. I build modern double top concert guitars in my own individual style. Okay, that sounds nice... But why am I doing this, while thousands of great handmade classical guitars are for sale out there??? Even double tops? Because I believe I can inspire guitarists to renew their musical expression and help them to get their performance to another level. I think about classical guitar building in a different way, and I believe - and know by experience - that my instruments will match with those guitarists who are searching to find new joy and new ways in their guitar playing.

BIG volume, excellent playability, great responsiveness and balance are all here, but these are already a standard in today's guitar building. What really makes the difference is the exceptionally wide range of beautiful tonecolours and overtones. The transformation of tone by the smallest changes of plucking hand position and nail direction. The musicality and expressiveness of each note. My guitars are built for those professional and non-professional guitarists worldwide who don't want to play classical-guitar-standards like robots, but want to play music from the bottom of their hearts for themselves and/or for the audience. (...or for the Lord!)

So I build my instruments with a lot of love and passion. I still work alone and create a maximum of 8 guitars per year as a full time luthier. The construction of each guitar takes far more than 200 working hours, plus the drying times of glues and finishes. The tremendous work invested into each instrument ensures the outstanding quality and value of my guitars.

concert classical guitars

I play the guitar since 2000 and I've been working in luthiery since 2005, and through the years - as I've already mentioned - found my own style and concept in guitar construction. I developed a Nomex-based double top soundboard combined with my renowned asymmetric lattice bracing system. I made all the necessary fixtures, tools, plans and templates myself to be able to build and reproduce this unique concept. I don't use carbon and balsa wood for the lattice bracing, only the best European spruce... This system - complemented with some other tricks inside the guitar - became an absolute favourite of guitarists not only in Hungary, but all around the world from the USA to Eastern Asia. Wanna sound like one of the finest Spanish guitars plugged into an amp? Do you want even more tonal possibilities? Wanna be louder, while keeping the beauty of traditional European classical guitar sound? I want that for sure!

concert classical guitars

Listen to guitarist lady Kováts Anna Tünde, happy owner of this Viktor Fogas double top guitar:

"This guitar by Viktor Fogas is the guitarist's real friend: it's easy to play and extra comfortable for the left hand. The instrument is rich in volume and tone and undoubtedly belongs to the forefront of international guitar making. I strongly recommend it."
András Csáki
guitar professor of Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Hungary - csakiandras.hu

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