lattice guitars made with love & passion

concert classical guitars
concert classical guitars

Welcome to the world of my handmade classical master guitars!

Hi, I'm Viktor Fogas, a Hungarian luthier and classical guitar maker building modern lattice braced classical concert guitars with big volume, excellent sound projection and with exceptionally beautiful tone. My instruments are designed to work successfully on today's professional concerts and guitar competitions as well as in the studio. I've been building guitars for more than 10 years and my work is gaining an increasing international recognition.

Through the years I have developed a unique asymmetric lattice bracing system, which is very successful, and is accompanied by almost all features a contemporary guitarist is looking for. Soundport, armrest, thin & fast playing neck, optional short scales, radiused fretboard, 12 hole bridge, 20 stainless steel frets are all standard on all of my guitars, and an effectively elevated neck and double sides (sandwiched with a triple center layer) are added on my new "Grande" models.