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VIKTOR FOGAS classical guitar maker


Orders can be placed in e-mail:

Company name and address:

Viktor Fogas guitarmaker
Koronafürt utca 46/A
1165 Budapest

VAT number: HU 65972470

Phone: +36202996199
(Workshop visits only by appointment.)

Shipping information

Worldwide shipping by
One day express delivery door-to-door with Generali full value insurance.
Extra safe packaging with temperature and humidity insulation.
Complete shipping cost with insurance and packaging within Europe will be somewhere between 100-300 Euro depending on distance.


My guitars' prices are in the €4.500 - €6.000,- price range, depending on design, decorations and wood species. Differences in prices do not affect sound quality and playability. Please ask for details in e-mail.

Within EU there will be no additional taxes or fees.
Outside EU please look after your country's local rules and taxes.
Price includes elegant hard shell case, accessories for stringing and cleaning, 3 years warranty.

Ordering and payment

After placing your order and discussing the details of your new guitar in e-mail I will ask you to confirm your order with a €500,- deposit, that can be made by bank transfer. After receiving the deposit, I will send you the deposit-invoice and the order confirmation document. This places you on my waiting list and preparing your new instrument can be started soon. Once your guitar is finished and ready for shipping, I will send you the invoice and photos of your new guitar. The rest of the price of the guitar plus costs of shipping and insurance will be paid at this point, before shipping.

In case of having a new guitar in stock in my workshop you don't need to pay deposit first. After transferring the whole price of the guitar and shipping costs, you will receive the guitar within 3-4 workdays.

The guitar's price includes elegant hard shell case.


I guarantee my guitars for a period of 3 years.

Special requests

Left hand guitars can be ordered as well.
If you have any other custom ideas or questions please feel free to contact me.

Documents for passing customs

CITES documents available for your new guitar if needed. Because of the growing restrictions on trade of endangered species of woods and other materials a proper documentation might be needed for your country's customs agency. Please look after your local rules (especially if you are outside European Union) before shipping the guitar to avoid problems.
cites image
You can find the Checklist of CITES species HERE
Unfortunately, from 2nd January 2017 all the species of the Dalbergia family (all Rosewoods) are included in CITES appendix II. We can continue making, buying and selling guitars made of these materials, but a permit is necessary for exports & imports when we buy or sell outside the EU. The permit is necessary both for raw wood and for finished products, such as guitars. This causes extra paperwork for your guitar and in some cases costs of documents can go up to 100 EUR.

For my abalone inlayed guitars I can include the document which confirms that the pearl materials I am using are not made from endangered species. The species I'm using are Haliotis Iris and Haliotis Fulgens not listed by CITES.


Viktor Fogas classical guitars are shipped with Savarez strings.
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(Recommended sets for Fogas guitar owners: Savarez Alliance Cantiga mixed tension or hard tension)